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4G Router Based Smart Home System Solution

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The smart home control system includes integration and control of indoor electromechanical equipment, lighting, curtains, background music, smart

door locks, home appliances, security anti-theft systems, and video intercom systems. Divided by wiring, the smart home system is mainly divided .

smart home

Electromechanical equipment (such as air conditioners), lights, curtains, home appliances and other equipment through the specially set

controller, combined with regional scene settings to take appropriate actions to achieve control to meet demand.

Security anti-theft system, video intercom system, etc. through the intelligent home control system in different areas of the control terminal

(wireless / wired touch screen, control panel, etc.) to set up the system, cloth / disarm, answer calls and other operations, greatly facilitated

user's operation.

The company is a home-based platform that combines building automation and intelligence in an efficient, comfortable, safe and convenient home

environment. Caimore IoT Smart Home adopts the latest embedded technology development, so the whole system has the characteristics of safety,

stability, high reliability, outstanding fashion personality, low carbon consumption and consumption reduction, easy management, easy operation,

convenient maintenance and strong expansion.

smart home automation

Smart home system topology:

industrial wifi router

As the latest and most advantageous wireless communication technology, 4G routers are widely used in home automation, smart lighting, intelligent

building, personal health monitoring, energy monitoring, consumer electronics and other fields.

The most important feature of the talented intelligent home system is that it masters the most advanced core wireless communication technology.

The controller realizes the communication between the home system and the external network through the 4G router as the core part of the system,

and solves the key technology of the previous smart home system bottleneck. It saves the cumbersome wiring and realizes remote control, so that

the owner can get a mobile phone with him.