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Residual chlorine sensor

Automatic temperature compensationSimple maintenance
A basic conventional water quality monitoring digital residual chlorine sensor;
Using industrial online electrodes, advanced non-membrane constant voltage measurement principle, no need to replace diaphragms and consume reagents, stable performance, simple maintenance, high sensitivity, rapid response, accurate measurement, high stability, excellent repeatability, easy maintenance, Multifunctional and other features, can accurately measure the residual chlorine value in the solution.
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Product Features

Categories of models
The specific modelsNetworkReferred to as"Terminal type (interface)Size

1. Digital sensor, direct output OF RS-485 digital signal, MODBUS/RTU support
2. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation
3. Constant voltage measuring principle, no reagent consumption and replacement of diaphragm, simple maintenance
4.3/4 "NPT upper and lower mounting thread design for easy installation
5. Low power consumption of sensor, anti-interference design of internal circuit
Application scope:
It is widely used for the continuous monitoring and control of residual chlorine content in aqueous solution in the treatment plant of drinking water, distribution network of drinking water, swimming pool, hospital wastewater and water quality treatment project.

Technical Parameter

ProjectWithin the capacity
The output signalSupport RS-485,MODBUS/RTU protocol
Method of measurementThe constant voltage method
Range0 ~ 5.00 mg/L (HClO)
Or 0 ~ 20.00 mg/L (HClO)
Precision±3% or ±0.03mg/L, whichever is larger
The resolution of the0.001 range 0 ~ 5.00mg/L(HClO)
0 ~ 20.00mg/L(HClO)

ProjectWithin the capacity
The power supply12 or 24VDC±10%, 10mA;

Physical properties
ProjectWithin the capacity
SizeDiameter of 30 mm; Length is 189 mm;
Protection gradeIP68; Water depth 20 meters; Other custom
The service life of theSensor 1 years or more
The length of the cable5 meters (default), customizable
Sensor housing materialPVC; Can be customized

Other parameters
ProjectWithin the capacity
Velocity required10~30cm3/s(flow tank installation);
Calibration modeTwo calibration
The response time<30s
Temperature compensationAutomatic temperature compensation (NTC)

Product Size

Product Size drawing (unit: mm)


Selection Guide

Product model
The theory of bandwidth
Transmission power
Reception sensitivity1s

Application Scheme

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