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Self-cleaning turbidity sensor

Strong resistance to external light interferenceAutomatic temperature compensation
A digital turbidity sensor for water quality monitoring with automatic cleaning;
Adopt the foreign mature 90° scattered light principle, and use the design method of infrared LED light source and optical fiber transmission light path;
The filter design is added inside, and the ability to resist external light interference is strong.
The built-in temperature sensor can automatically compensate the temperature, which is suitable for online long-term monitoring environment.
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Product Features

Categories of models
The specific modelsNetworkReferred to as"Terminal type (interface)Size

1. Digital sensor, direct output OF RS-485 digital signal, MODBUS/RTU support
2.90° Angle scattering light principle, built-in temperature can be automatically compensated;
3. Optical fiber structure, strong resistance to external light interference
4. Infrared LED light source, increased filter design, anti-light interference, good stability
5. The surface is treated with anti-corrosion passivation
6. Low power consumption of sensor, anti-interference design of internal circuit

Technical Parameter

ProjectWithin the capacity
The output signalSupport RS-485,MODBUS/RTU protocol
Method of measurement90° scattered light method
Range0 to 1000NTU or 0 to 200NTU
Precision±5% or ±3NTU, whichever is greater (0 ~ 1000NTU)
±3% or ±2NTU, whichever is greater (0 ~ 200NTU)
Plus or minus 0.5 ℃
The resolution of theNTU, 0.1 to 0.1 ℃

The power supply
ProjectWithin the capacity
The power supply12 or 24VDC±10%, 10mA;

Physical properties
ProjectWithin the capacity
SizeDiameter of 30 mm; Length of 166.5 mm;
Protection gradeIP68; Water depth 20 meters;
The service life of theSensor 3 years or above
The length of the cable5 meters (default), customizable
Sensor housing materialPVC or titanium alloy (other)

Other parameters
ProjectWithin the capacity
The working conditions0 ~ 50℃, < 0.6mpa
Calibration modeTwo calibration
The response time30 seconds T90
Temperature compensationAutomatic temperature compensation (Pt1000)

Product Size

Product Size drawing (unit: mm)


Selection Guide

Product model
The theory of bandwidth
Transmission power
Reception sensitivity1s

Application Scheme

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